Ladbroke training - 5 stages


We believe in keeping things simple and straight-forward.

Documentation introduced into a business has to work for you, so we won't suggest anything which does not add value, is not commercial or is not required by the Standard being implemented. We are confident that this means that the new system will become the way in which you operate and really drive improved performance.

In addition to direct support to implement management systems we can provide consultancy in process mapping, business planning, key performance indicators, people development planning and learning and development processes.

Follow the five stages...

The five stage route is designed so you can step on and off at any stage to suit your requirements:

1. We suggest a diagnostic to see where you are now and what needs to be achieved. This allows us to tailor support to your needs, approach and budget.

2. We then work with you to implement the agreed plan of action.

3. We offer training to replace some of or compliment the consultancy support.

4. Once your system is ready for certification we will help you prepare for certification and liaise with the certification body.

5. After certification is achieved we can help you maintain the system.

For much more information just get in touch, we're happy to talk you through face to face or over the phone.